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    Bank of England warns of tougher curbs on mortgage lending

    The Bank of England has warned that obtaining a mortgage is about to become even more difficult.

    by Myra Butterworth


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The initial idea for came about while we were carrying out research for another potential business. It became obvious that virtually all consumer finance websites are geared towards promoting and selling products that are either "Sponsored Products" or "Partners Products". A consumer has to do a fair bit of digging to find the right information, which can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking at. It struck us that this goes against the very nature and purpose of the internet. Not to mention that it doesn’t seem to enter into the spirit of the FSA’s "Treating the Customer Fairly" guidelines.

Our ethos is simple; trustworthy information about financial products that is easy to find and easy to understand. The information a user needs should never be more than two clicks away from the homepage.

Everybody involved with has relevant industry experience and has worked with consumer finance websites, banks or building societies. This knowledge is used to analyse, sort and present the best Mortgage, Credit Card, Loan and Savings products in the market.

The way the website has been set up it is unlikely to make millions of pounds or to be floated on the stock exchange. We don’t have the resources to sponsor anything that moves or to create a really annoying advert. Our success relies on loyal users and "Word of Mouse".

So if you find useful please spread the word by sending the link to your friends, family and colleagues. You could even put it on your Facebook.

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